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 Mary  Jo 

About Forever Remembered

Background as an Artist:

Over the past 35 years I’ve restored chipped, broken, sometimes shattered plaster statues, taking the fragmented pieces of someone’s cherished keepsake and making it whole again. The process, among other things, requires patience, an eye for detail, the ability to erase imperfections, mixing and matching the original colors and an understanding of the personal connection an individual has with the item entrusted to me. I’m highly cognitive of that trust and realize the responsibility of meeting one’s expectations.   





I’m also an avid gardener, Mother Nature’s custodian you might say, always tidying up after her unpredictable antics. Weeds are not welcomed in my world, it’s a rare occasion if a dandelion survives long enough to poke its head above my Zinnias.  And the extra time it takes to cut the grass  with straight lines, never to overlap, is time well spent. I’m very meticulous and will take the extra steps required to reflect that when attending to the headstones and gravesites of my clients.       

The Beginning of Forever Remembered:

I've spent  many years visiting my dad’s gravesite keeping the fallen twigs and leaves at bay, trimming back the grass and scrubbing his beautiful headstone while fondly recalling the memories that made him so special to me and my family. During those visits, over time, I’ve noticed the changing appearance of the neighboring headstones in the cemetery.  Some were gradually becoming obscured, blackened by the effects of the environment and time, left unchecked. It was rather sad.The more time I spent surrounded by soiled markers, the more I felt compelled to do something about it.


The Do's and Don'ts:

After extensive research on the various materials used to fabricate headstones in the past, compared to the granite most commonly used today, the do's, the ‘don'ts and the cleaning methods were quite clear to me.  I strapped on my ‘Do No Harm’ belt,  loaded my car  with the recommended cleaning  solution, various supplies, a camera, lots of elbow grease and determination. The destructive, highly shunned ‘power washer’ was not invited. 


I spent every free moment I had over the next several years scrubbing the stones of my relatives, putting my garden tools to good use sprucing up the grave sites, and placing flower arrangements where allowed. I’ve enjoyed keeping tabs on the various sites and will continue to do so for as long as I can.  

My Promise:

I will always practice the safe, recommended techniques while caring for your loved one’s headstone. In addition to the headstone, urns and/or statuary will be scrubbed. The grass surrounding the headstone will be trimmed, the area will be raked and if requested, artificial flower arrangements will be fashioned to compliment your loved one’s pristine resting place.  

Contact me for an estimate or to schedule services.

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